Who were the Nephilim?

nephilimIn the Bible it states, “The Nephilim were on earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.”   There is a great deal of controversy that surrounds the mystery of who the Nephilim really were in the context of history.  Some claim they were race of giant men and others claim that they were Angels.

The traditional Jewish view, deriving from the Book of Enoch, is that the fathers of the Nephilim, the “sons of God”, were the Grigori.  The Grigori were thought to be a class of fallen angels also called the Watchers in various myths and texts.  However, there is some controversy on this point.

The literal translation of the phrase “sons of God” is simply “sons of gods”, yet when examining the Hebrew word, “Elohim”, it is a plural form, often used with single verbs and adjectives when the single meaning is traditionally understood in a more complex way.

Some commentators suggest the Nephilim were descendants of a proto-Hebrew pantheon, and are a brief glimpse of early Hebrew religion, most of the details of which was later edited out from the Torah. Others, especially some Christians, suggest the “sons of God” were fully human. It is sometimes suggested that ridding the Earth of these Nephilim was one of God’s purposes for flooding the Earth in Noah’s time.

Despite the literal text of the Bible and its traditional interpretation, the idea that heavenly beings mated with humans is controversial, particularly among Christians, who cite the teaching of Jesus in the Book of Matthew that angels do not marry.

Others who find the idea of angels mating with humans as distasteful have suggested more figurative interpretations of the Nephilim, such as the idea that they were the offspring of men possessed by demons.  The Ethiopian Orthodox Church, take the traditional view of Genesis 6:1 that the allusion refers to some men, from the godly lineage of Seth, called sons of God began to pursue fleshly interests, and so took wives of the daughters of men.  This alludes to those who were unbelievers descended of Cain. This is also the view presented in a few extra-biblical, yet ancient works, particularly the Second Book of Adam and Eve.

In addition to this Biblical account, there have been many newspaper articles that detailed finding Giant bones all across the world.  We will continue to update this research, as we find new information, so check back with us.


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