OOPARTS Episode 2: The Mystery of the Bat Creek Stone

OOPARTS is the study of Hidden Archaeology, details of the historic record that have been omitted or brushed over, in order to continue with theories that are simply not viable.

The Bat Creek Stone was inscribed with letters from an alphabet that was first said to be Cherokee, then disputed as Paleo Hebrew, and even proposed as a form of Phoenician, but experts have not been able to make a definitive statement about its true origin.

A stone like this provokes questions about history, giving possible evidence to a civilization much older in North America that had contact with other parts of the world.

Join me on my adventure to explore the mysteries of the unknown. The discovery of these artifacts worldwide challenges us to wake up. Great thinkers throughout our written history have maintained that it is vital to understand the past for the future of humankind. Exploring this with me makes archaeology really exciting because you are at the point of discovery, on an expedition, The greatest thing in life is there are so many possibilities – I will keep searching for clues, until next time…check hiddenarchaeology.com for the latest…


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