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The Moundbuilders

Who were the Moundbuilders?

Most people consider our society to be highly advanced and sophisticated, especially when compared to any of the previous ones that came before us, yet we, collectively, cannot even answer the question: When did human history actually begin?  It seems a simple enough question, but not a single person, throughout recorded history, has managed to […]

Conehead Skull Mystery

Conehead Mummies and Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The data about the cone head skulls found near the town of Ica, Peru is incomplete, and that makes the correct assessment of their age, origin, and context with other hominids uncertain.  I visited the Ica musuem and viewed the mummies to find them very peculiar and a bit of a mystery.  Some of the […]

Video:  Introduction to Hidden Archaeology

Video: Introduction to Hidden Archaeology

Hidden Archaeology is a series that explores “out of place artifacts” or ooparts.  It is an area of archaeology that few scientists dare to explore.   It is the gray area of history that no one talks about.  They call it “cult” or “hidden” archaeology.  I like to think of myself as a modern day pioneer […]