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The Moundbuilders

Who were the Moundbuilders?

Most people consider our society to be highly advanced and sophisticated, especially when compared to any of the previous ones that came before us, yet we, collectively, cannot even answer the question: When did human history actually begin?  It seems a simple enough question, but not a single person, throughout recorded history, has managed to […]

OOPARTS Episode 2: The Mystery of the Bat Creek Stone

OOPARTS Episode 2: The Mystery of the Bat Creek Stone

OOPARTS is the study of Hidden Archaeology, details of the historic record that have been omitted or brushed over, in order to continue with theories that are simply not viable. The Bat Creek Stone was inscribed with letters from an alphabet that was first said to be Cherokee, then disputed as Paleo Hebrew, and even […]


Myths of Jupiter

Jupiter has been in opposition since October 29, 2011 and will remain in this position until 2022.  So what does the opposition of Jupiter mean?  If you could look down upon the solar system plane at this time, you’d see the sun, Earth and Jupiter making a straight line in space, with Earth sitting in […]

What is Hidden Archaeology?

What is Hidden Archaeology?

Hidden Archaeology is a series that explores “out of place artifacts” or ooparts.  It is an area of archaeology that few scientists dare to explore.   It is the gray area of history that no one talks about.  They call it “cult” or “hidden” archaeology.  I like to think of myself as a modern day pioneer […]