5 Minute Historical Trivia

5 Minute Historical Trivia

1.  What was the name of the archaeologist whose name is associated with the discovery of Troy?

Correct answer:   Schliemann

2. Many scientists believe that the legendary Atlantis may have been part of an island that is today known as Thera. By what other name is this island known today?

Correct answer:   Santorini

3.  There is evidence that the Vikings reached North America centuries before Columbus. What is the name that is given to their settlements on the coast of Canada?

Correct answer:  Vinland

4.  Excavation of Pompeii was fascinating because it discovered a culture that came to an abrupt end when Mt. Vesuvius erupted. When did that eruption occur?

Correct answer:   First Century, 79 A.D. is the date that is usually given. The civilization – and the lives of the occupants – came to a sudden stop that was preserved for centuries.

5.  “Carbon-14” is used by archaeologists for what purpose?

Correct answer:    Carbon 14 dating is one of the primary methods used to determine the age of artifacts.


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