Our Goal

This project was founded with the belief that individuals can change the world through the power of ideas.  Transcending boundaries and communicating complex ideas using simplicity in expression is our shared goal. Interwoven in each inspiration are ideas of universal truths that are ubiquitous. Ideas are the culmination of our shared vision that spark thoughts into creation of a way to tell all sides of a complicated story.  Few artistic mediums have the power of Film to be able to communicate information and inspire others to think about the possibilities in the world.

Going back to the facts, looking at evidence with a blank slate, examining the facts based on existing scientific discoveries, it is all is very powerful.     This is a passion project for all of us and we want to explore the possible lost truth in history. Many of us can think back to stories that have touched us in the past, stories that have challenged and changed us. Investigating the stories of our history, it holds the possibility for growth, challenge, and inspiration.  Understanding our true origin, it could be the culmination of work that can be remembered for the ages.  The story of the truth found in our history can leave a mark on humankind and make our world a better place.

We hope our work is a powerful force for communication and change.  Please connect with us either through a comment or by contacting us