Is there an Egyptian Temple in the Grand Canyon?

The Egyptians’ have an ancient proverb that goes, “Humans Fear Time, but Time fears the Pyramids,” and I have found it very interesting to ponder the true meaning.

Why would time fear the pyramids?  Is it a reference to quantum physics and the idea of planar fields, a higher connection?  This is a small example of why the people of Ancient Egypt fascinate us.  There is a knowledge that we feel or see that we lost and we hope to understand again. This series explores the conspiracies of history, sometimes referred to as Hidden Archaeology.

The conspiracy of the Isis Temple in the Grand Canyon started on the Internet with an article in the Phoenix Gazette from April 5th 1909.  It claims that an archaeological expedition funded by the Smithsonian discovered an Egyptian Pyramid in the Grand Canyon.  The article stated that the team led by G.E. Kinkaid, an adventurer who we might consider a modern day archaeologist under the direction of S.A. Jordan discovered a cave with male mummies covered in clay, wrapped in bark fabric.  There were carved heads sculpted from Tiger’s eye.  Similar to the Malay heads in Tibet.

Yellow Journalism was at its peak from 1895-98 and continued into the turn of the century.  It could be argued that this story, although published in the newspaper was a hoax fabricated to boost sales.  I contacted the Arizona Gazette who would own the archives from the Phoenix Gazette after it was sold several times throughout the century and they had “no comment”.   I am still searching to find the original article from the library in Phoenix.

Almost a century later an article was posted on a hiking website written by local climbers who claim to have found two sealed entrances to caves located 800 ft above the Colorado River in the Isis formation.   They could not enter the caves because they were sealed, but they were able to see that the entrances were man made.  The entrances were located in a very remote area of the park and due to limited supplies of water, they were unable to stay and explore them. I contacted the website and they had no knowledge of the writer or the article.  The article posted on their website is no longer an active link.

The idea of Egyptians in North America fascinated me and I had to find out if this was a case of yellow journalism from the turn of the century or could it be possible that a pyramid went undiscovered in the Grand Canyon for all these years?  It is not a stretch looking out into the canyon that the formations do resemble pyramids.  I wanted to find out what I could from the facts, no conjecture.

The first article introduces G.E. Kincaid from Leviston, Idaho.  He says on his trip to Yuma that he discovered some interesting archaeological artifacts while rafting down the Colorado River, but no location was given.  In the second article, almost one month later from April 5th, 1909 it references a Smithsonian backed expedition under the direction of Professor S. A. Jordan.

I started my investigation in the Grand Canyon.  The rocks tell a story that started 4,550 million years ago.  The canyon was formed 5.6 million years ago.  It is possible that a multitude of civilizations could have inhabited the area.  I thought about the Biblical reference in Genesis of the people that lived before a great flood. The Bible talks about an antediluvian civilization on Earth that could have been quite widespread.   Native American Indians inhabited the area at the same time as the Ancient Egyptians.  The Native Americans could be descendents of these people.   One could argue that all of these people living on Earth concurrently could have had contact with each other, just as we do today.  My burning question was could it be possible that there is an undiscovered pyramid in one of the most visited parks in the world?  The caves in the area of the Isis formation have not been explored due to the lack of resources.  No archaeological excavations have been done to the knowledge of Grand Canyon park staff.  It was possible that remnants of an Egyptian civilization could be in an unexplored cave.

I was told that the area was closed to the general public, but after contacting the park service I found out that it is possible to get a hiking permit for that area.  They require 4 months prior reservation, but walk in permits are sometimes possible, depending on the skill level of the hiker and challenge of the terrain. The permits issued do not overlap between hikers to give each person a true wilderness experience.  The applicant must have substantial hiking experience.  All caves in the park are off limits due to an incident of looting where a fire burned all artifacts in a more accessible Marble Canyon Cave. Hopi and Navajo artifacts have been discovered in caves near Marble Canyon.  These artifacts were clearly attributed to those specific tribes of Native America, but could those finds have fueled the story of an Egyptian pyramid at the turn of the century?  In 1998 the Condor population was reintroduced and now occupy many caves in the Isis area so they are strictly forbidden.

The Smithsonian states that they have no record of Kincaid or Jordan.   Smithsonian has searched its files having no mention of a citadel in the Grand Canyon.  Their official statement is that they have not found a race “of oriental origin, possibly related to the Egyptians”.

Many have argued that because the Smithsonian promotes the theory of isolationism that this is one of many archaeological cover-ups.  The theory of isolationism states that most civilizations were isolated from each other and there has been little contact between them, especially those separated by water.

The discovery of an Egyptian Pyramid in the Grand Canyon would prove the theory of isolationism false and give evidence to support the theory of Diffusionism.  This theory states that throughout history there has been a widespread dispersion of culture and civilization via contact by ship and major trade routes.

Native Americans built settlements in the caves and canyons near the Grand Canyon.  The Pueblo and Hopi people considered the Grand Canyon a holy site and made pilgrimages to it.   A Hopi legend suggests that ancestors lived in an underworld in the Grand Canyon until dissension arose between the good and bad.  The people of one heart and the people of two.  Machetto counseled them to leave the underworld, then the people of the one heart climbed out.

The first European visitor on record was explorer Garcia Lopez Cardenas, a reported member of Coronado’s expedition to Mexico.  The canyon remained largely unexplored by American settlers until just after the Civil War in 1869.  It is unknown the origin of the names for many of the formations.  Charles Dutton is credited with naming some of the formations.  He felt that the formations were greater than any one man so he used the names of gods and mythical figures.  John Wesley Powell, a Civil War veteran with a thirst for adventure is accredited with some of the naming, but those names cannot be directly linked to him from his writing or other historical documents. There is not a direct link to any of the explorers in the Egyptian naming of Isis, Cheops, Osiris, and Ra, all located in proximity to each other and the Isis formation.

I just didn’t understand why anyone would purposely try to keep this a secret.  It would be a valuable historical discovery.  I decided to go back to the root of the mystery – the Egyptians.  The Giza Pyramids were constructed using geometry that we have only begun to understand.   Many believe that the Egyptians incorporated Sacred Geometry when constructing the site.  Sacred Geometry uses specific angles in relation to vortexes of energy.   The angles are significant to the Earth, Sun, Moon, Constellations, you could argue the universe play a role in this geometry combined with principles of quantum physics – all still a mystery as to how it works.   Using the principles would allow for the harness of energy in ways that we don’t fully understand today.

Data gathered from the geometry shows that they were built to have a direct relationship with the Earth.  There are twenty-five pyramid inches in a cubit and there were 365.24 cubits in the square base.  There are 365.24 days in a calendar year. One pyramid inch is equal in length to 1/500 millionth of Earth’s axis of rotation.  The angles of the pyramid are the exact equivalent of our modern day Pi. They were constructed of granite composed of Feldspar and Quartz.   It was composed of 55% silicon quartz, the same substance that we use in computers today.  They were constructed with such precision that all evidence suggests they were built using ultrasonic drilling machines.  If that was possible, then how did they power those machines?   I found a theory that was very surprising in a book called “Forbidden History”.

The Earth’s energy includes mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic, nuclear, and chemical, each having a source for sound.  The conductivity of quartz could generate sound waves above the range of human hearing.  Because energy will follow the path of least resistance, it may be probable that the pyramid is capable of vibrating at a harmonic frequency in tune with the Earth.  Resin on the walls of the King and Queen’s chambers and lack of artifacts found in them allow for the conclusion that these chambers had an entirely different purpose.  The Nile in close proximity could provide a water source for steam.  Could the pyramid be an ancient power plant?  A power plant would be a compelling reason to undertake the largest construction project in the history of a civilization.  It would be groundbreaking to discover an ancient energy source that does not destroy the Earth.   However, there are organizations and governments that would go to great lengths to protect that secret, no matter how vital to the survival of humankind.  On the other hand from a military perspective, the Great Pyramid could be studied to reveal a very powerful weapon.

We will not know the truth about a hidden pyramid in the Grand Canyon until the caves could be explored.  In March 2008, the government flooded the Colorado River to rebuild the local ecosystem.  Could the hydroelectric power awaken a sleeping giant hidden in the majestic formations of the Grand Canyon?  The greatest thing in life is there are so many possibilities –  I will keep searching for clues, until I arrive at the next level.



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