Legends of The Hopi, Inca and Maori

The Hopi people who live in Arizona and the American West, believe that we are in the 4th world and are approaching the transition to the 5th world.  They are believed to have been descended from the Anastazi people, who were believed to have been descended from the Aztecs.  All those cultures believe that there is an evolutionary progression to each new world after it ends or is destroyed. The Hopi believe that the Earth will go through a great purification at the start of the 5th world which will begin in 2012.

Māori creation story describes the world being formed by the violent separation of Ranginui, the Sky Father, and Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother, by their children.   Many Māori carvings and artworks graphically depict this struggle.  The myth describes the Earth as closer to the sky or embraced the sky, but their Gods had children which created a veil. The myth predicts that when mankind does not remember the myths anymore, the Earth and the Sky will crash back together and “The veil will dissolve”. The native Maori word for veil means the world beyond death, so the interpretation of the translation could have far reaching implications.

The Peruvian calendar ends in 2013 when an astroid 3x larger than Jupiter will pass close to earth Earth.  Wi1laru Huayta, a Peruvian text, also called a “spiritual messenger,” states that cataclysms will kill off most of humankind.  It is eerily similar to the myths associated with the orbit of Nibiru.


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