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Comet Strike Evidence Found in Tutankamun’s Brooch and the Sahara Desert

A comet strike hit the Earth long ago, and evidence has been discovered in Tutankhamun’s brooch by African and international researchers. The comet entered Earth’s atmosphere above Egypt about 28 million years ago and exploded, “raining down a shock wave of fire which obliterated every life form in its path,” according to the researchers. The […]

Icebergs Sail to Florida in ancient days

Icebergs Sailed to Florida on Ice Age Floods

Imagine icebergs as tall as the Eiffel Tower silently drifting by Florida’s balmy beaches. Add a few braying walruses, and mammoths grazing nearby on a broad coastal plain, and there’s Ice Age Florida for you. And believe it or not, the icebergs are among the most indisputable parts of this picture. During the last Ice […]

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Greek Mosaics in Zeugma, Turkey

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Greek Mosaics in Zeugma, Turkey

The Zeugma excavation project conducted by Oxford Archaeology and supported by Packhard Humanities Institute and the Ministry of Culture of Turkey has recently unearthed three ancient Greek mosaics in the Turkish city of Zeugma. Zeugma had received some press and support in 2000 after flooding caused by construction began to bury and damage artifacts in […]