Ancient Mines on Earth

There are a number of ancient and mysterious mining operations that took place on Earth, some mines in Africa have been dated to be over 100,000 years old. Based on translations from ancient Sumerian texts, it states that the human race was created to serve as a slave race to extra terrestrials to work in these mines. If ancient aliens came to Earth to mine, then why did the mining stop?

Ancient Gold mines have been discovered in South America, namely Peru, there are remnants of ancient mining operations that have dated to be 50,000 years old. Gold is mined using water, it is relatively easy to mine by heating and freezing the rock around it.

In addition to Gold, ancient mines were discovered Quartz, Hematite, and red Okre. Hematite and Okre have a high content of minerals. Okre is also a source of red pigments that were used for painting and dyes.

At Nazca, entire mountaintops have been removed. It requires sophisticated machinery to achieve such feats. The vast flat plain in the Nazca desert could be evidence of an ancient mining operation. Nazca, near Ica Peru, has an abundance of natural resources. The plain and surrounding countryside are littered with evidence that

The band of holes, in the Pisco valley is completely unknown. The holes run 3 feet apart, measuring 6 to 7 feet in depth, and over a thousand holes. the band can only be seen from the air, when standing on the ground it is not visible in its entirety. Some people claim it is looting, some believed it was evidence of a machine or mining. Some suggest it was a robot that measured raw material. Geologists suggest it is a natural formation and some archaeologist suggest that they were used to store grain.

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